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  1. R.I.P. Yahoo
  2. Nancy Reagan has passed away
  3. Scary, Sad, Another Shooting . . . Details Continuing
  4. How risque is too risque?
  5. New Adult Fad: Coloring books
  6. Geek News
  7. Singer Joe C0cker dies aged 70 after cancer battle
  8. Clifford The Big Red Dog' Creator Bridwell Dies At 86
  9. Teens not getting enough sleep
  10. Your Daily Dose of Health/Medicine
  11. US company to beam free wi-fi to entire world from space
  12. No wings, but money?
  13. Texas Ebola patient dies
  14. This day in ___
  15. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  16. School In Vegas Tells Parents It Plans To Teach Their 5-YEAR-OLDS How To MASTURBATE
  17. Home Depot Investigates a possible Credit Card Breach
  18. DOT wants cars to constantly broadcast their speed, location, and direction
  19. Brother and sister arrested for sex in church parking lot after watching The Notebook
  20. Robin Williams Dead of Apparent Suicide at 63
  21. Lunch period: a thing of the past?
  22. Pay-what-you-want pricing: Paris
  23. Getting Eight Hours of Sleep a Night? You Might Just Want to Cut Back
  24. The FCC Gets Slammed With More Than 1 Million Comments About Net Neutrality
  25. As far as Public Service Announcements go, is this...
  26. Switchboard Operators
  27. Weird News
  28. Nevermind... The Emily Litella Thread
  29. wow, this is sad.. :(
  30. Forgotten for 13 years
  31. When Food Places Go Bad
  32. NFL hopeful Michael Sam comes out as gay
  33. Up close and personal with Bronies, aka grown men who love 'My Little Pony'
  34. Mich. college offers course in zombies, apocalypse
  35. Over 150 Frozen Sharks found along Gulf Coast. (Sigh) Poor sharks!
  36. WWI bodies found
  37. Ancient city found
  38. Powerful Winter Storms threaten U.S. East Coast
  39. How to find out if your Facebook friends hate you
  40. Hackers steal and share 2 million online passwords (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc)
  41. Global Warming.. A Hoax? ...or actual concern? ...your views
  42. Father Accused of Hiring Someone to Beat & Rape His 11-Year-Old Daughter
  43. Factbox: U.S. officials mired in controversy over Obamacare rollout
  44. The Government Shutdown
  45. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse October 18
  46. Shooting in Washington Navy Yard
  47. War in Syria, what are your thoughts?
  48. Miley Miley...oh where is my Hannah Montana?
  49. Back at home! Abducted California Teen recovering from horrific ordeal
  50. Zimmerman Trial
  51. Serial killer Richard Ramirez, Los Angeles’s “Night Stalker,” dies at 53
  52. Do Mermaids really exist? What's your opinion?
  53. Oklahoma twister, thoughts and prayers for Moore, OK
  54. 3 women found after years of captivity
  55. Lyrid Meteor Shower (tonight and into tomorrow)
  56. My thoughts and Prayers go out to the small town in Texas
  57. Boston Bombings....
  58. 'Mickey Mouse Club' original Annette Funicello dies
  59. Ex-Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher dies, aged 87
  60. North Korea propoganda video
  61. This absolutely made my day!!
  62. Conditions that could have supported life found on Mars
  63. Ga. debates relaxing gun laws for mentally ill
  64. Children of Vietnam Vets...Agent Orange
  65. Russia Meteor Explosion -- and Near Miss ...
  66. Carnival Cruise ship
  67. Yet Another School Shooting...When Will it Stop?
  68. southeast rocked by bad weather/tornadoes
  69. Reddit cofounder commits suicide
  70. Casey Anthony Movie (January 19th, Next Saturday) "Prosecuting Casey Anthony"
  71. Man kills 26 at Conn. school, including 20 kids
  72. Hostess closing
  73. webcams to watch the hurrican on
  74. Your views on the debates ...