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  1. How do you stop procrastinating?
  2. Dating Sites
  3. Which is worse?
  4. Thoughts: Cloning humans
  5. Intelligence vs commonsense
  6. In your opinion, what is the main reason that marriages fail?
  7. "Free-range" versus "helicopter" parenting
  8. Friendships!! Is it better to have friends or keep to yourself these days?
  9. Do police desserve respect?
  10. Pull Dates on Food Items
  11. Is beauty more important than brains in today's society?
  12. Do the best relationships start with those who are . . .
  13. If it's too good to be true...
  14. State of Maine, nurse who went to Africa at odds over Ebola quarantine
  15. Name one way, you can tell the opposite sex is mad at you
  16. Silverware.........Up or down?
  17. Do you have an emergency stash?
  18. Married at first site
  19. Strip Clubs
  20. Did Verizon's time glitch screw you up this morning like it did me?
  21. Celebrity Product/Cause Endorsements
  22. Conspiracy Theories
  23. Is overachieving a "plague"?
  24. This Mother Explains Why She Does Not Teach Her Kids To Share.
  25. Kids going to college
  26. A parental situation: How do you view it?
  27. Messy House versus Not Sweatin' the Small Stuff!
  28. Chickenpox Parties?
  29. Vending Machines with Calorie Information
  30. Images that you find unacceptable
  31. 21st Century Parenting
  32. What type of eater are you?
  33. Nancy Grace tells dad his missing son has been found in the basement
  34. Dress for respect, or not
  35. What do you think constitutes a player?
  36. The day is incomplete without ...
  37. So you've got a robot ...
  38. Do you ever regress into a habit out of fear of the unknown?
  39. What's your possible/impossible?
  40. How to tell if you've had too much coffee or caffeine?
  41. Rude words or gestures that are common.
  42. A sexual contract before your relationship starts
  43. Where do you go that you do not take your cell phone with you?
  44. How has the Internet changed you?
  45. Luck, Fate, Karma
  46. Pail and Bucket
  47. Don't judge a book by the cover
  48. Which version of Van Halen do you prefer?
  49. Flirting Forum
  50. What is your definition of drama?
  51. A few thoughts about men in speedo's.
  52. Causing Trouble
  53. Moving to Mars FOREVER
  54. What antivirus software do you use on your home computer and work computer?
  55. Easting Disorders
  56. Ladies......Five reasons to fall in love with your Vagina
  57. Playgroups for young children: Background checks the new thought process?
  58. Man-O-Pause or menopause
  59. Face and Body piercings, what do you think of them?
  60. 14 things the average man thinks while going down on you
  61. Adult Forum
  62. Faking Orgasms
  63. Do you create a fake life online to break free of your life or are you really who you portray to be online?
  64. What are two unspoken rules that a friend should stand by?
  65. Our understanding of reality...is it real or constituted?
  66. What advice would you give to yourself as a teen?
  67. Online Secret Relationships
  68. Portrayal of family today vs. 50 years ago
  69. Are there any negative or positive effects of Peer Pressure?
  70. Maturity...huh?
  71. Pay to Stay Jails for the wealthy
  72. What's one statistic that scares you?
  73. At this very moment, I am
  74. Fail or Bail
  75. Question you don't like being asked by a stranger
  76. Has a friend ever talked you into doing something, you normally wouldn't do? Peer Pressure?
  77. Have we lost the art of listening?
  78. Are you an emotional person?
  79. If you could change one thing in history, what would it be?
  80. Can you only love once? Romantically?
  81. CRCT Test! Are they worth all the stress?
  82. Which is worse on TV: sex or violence?
  83. Sex... could you live without it?
  84. Home Schooling your Children
  85. Do you agree with the seat belt law?
  86. Is it wrong to date outside of your own race?
  87. Are we too dependent on Computers?
  88. What do you think of the death penalty?
  89. is it better to have loved and lost or to have never been loved in return?
  90. saw this on facebook today..
  91. Would a ban on guns help crime in the US?
  92. Should prosecutors face criminal charges when innocent people are sent to jail?
  93. Is public humiliation of children by parents . . .
  94. Suicide...warning signs?
  95. Pay it forward
  96. What makes people want to take things that do not belong to them?
  97. Two Modern Day Problems
  98. Best Burger Ever
  99. Religion & Beliefs
  100. Should Children Be Entitled To Respect?
  101. How to be the perfect woman.
  102. Flu Shots and Pneumonia shots
  103. Food restrictions when playing host . . .
  104. Is having a Sexual Fantasy Cheating?
  105. Why it's importanat to listen to the eldery
  106. When Partners change. The silent destroyers of relationships
  107. Effects of Child Abandonment on children
  108. Losing a loved one
  109. Calorie count at fast food restaurants
  110. Toxic Friends
  111. Do doctors take advantage of those who have medical insurance
  112. Thoughts on putting your teenage daughter on birth control?
  113. Do you think it's appropriate to beep at women?
  114. Impossible Dreams
  115. Players Online
  116. Old Fashioned Values
  117. Family member with drug or alcohol problems
  118. What do Women Want??
  119. Having feelings for someone other than your spouse
  120. Is Perfection Over Rated???
  121. At what age should children be allowed to go on unsupervised outings?
  122. Why hold back?
  123. I simply refuse to
  124. Dr. Phil "Mothers who hate their children"
  125. We as parents are move protective over our daughters? Why?
  126. Romantic Love vs Parental Love
  127. Material Possessions
  128. What kind of cell phone do you have? Smartphones?
  129. Banking email scams
  130. Liars
  131. What is wrong with kids these days?
  132. Married but Bored
  133. What should be done to prevent bullying?
  134. What does "integrity" mean to you?
  135. What are your views on all the teen pregnancy shows on tv?
  136. Trusting People
  137. Should Pot be legalized?